28 October 2011

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I've been thinking about this for some time, and need your help! My idea, not an original one, is to have something that is more clear and fair than a sliding scale, but less rigid, and with a bit more empathy and reality for income disparity. I can't find the place where I got the idea from, which is to have roughly 3 markers for which category you should think of yourself in. I really need feedback! What do you think of this idea? Is it cumbersome? Radical? Cool? Which markers are clearest to you? Which markers do you think I should use? Is it clear to you which category you would be in?

TIER ONE: $90:
I am full-time employed.
I own a recent-make car.
I take vacations.
I see a dentist twice a year for check-ups.
I invest enough for retirement.
I buy nice things for myself.
I own my home.
If there is something I want, I am comfortable buying it for myself.

TIER TWO: $80:
I work for a non-profit or in the service industry.
I work in an underpaid helping profession.
My car or computer is older or very modest, or I don't have one at all.
I make enough money to afford essentials comfortably, but sometimes I need to hold off on extras.

I am unemployed, or work part-time or am unpaid for what I do.
I am a student.
I have a crippling amount of debt.
I am on a Commonwealth Connector health plan or MassHealth.
I am on disability.
I earn less than a living wage ($13.69/hour in Cambridge)
I have a fixed income.
I currently receive some kind of government assistance.


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