11 November 2009

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Plus: was led to a blog I didn't know existed that I enjoy reading.
Minus: was hit with the fact that people are still doing this, which somehow, reading down this list, felt like a punch in the chest:
A lot of this was stuff I already knew.  I knew that people in entertainment weren't all born with slick names, that being named Eugene Orowitz doesn't make you not destined to play Laura Ingalls's dad on tv, and that a lot of people whose life's work revolves around a created persona adopt professional names for a variety of reasons.  There are people not on this list, too.  And there are people whose ethnic realities are incidentally (or on purpose by well-meaning parents) removed by how we are named.  Reading down this list, I was thinking "dang!  that's a lot of hot Jews!".  How might our world be different if Winona Horowitz been the hottest actress in the early 90s?  A lot of the people on this list are people that I think of as being very sort of All-American, I don't know how else to explain it.  I mean, we all know that Joan Rivers, Jon Stewart, Woody Allen, Natalie Portman, Bob Dylan are Jews.  But Kathy Lee Gifford was an Epstein?  Really?  It's not just Jews, either.  Latino, Greek, Italian, Nordic, Russian, Irish, and more, there are a lot of things that it's not prudent to own about yourself if you want to be famous and loved in America.


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